Level 1 Case Resolution

Students who have been charged with an alleged violation that is classified as "Level 1" have three options for resolving their case with the institution. Below are descriptions and information about each resolution process.  Full descriptions and procedures can be found by visiting the Student Disciplinary Regulations. Students  are strongly encouraged to meet with a staff member in the Office of Student Conduct to discuss their case and resolution options.





Students facing a charge for a Level 1 alleged violation can face sanctions up to and including suspension or expulsion from the institution. The link to the left outlines potential sanctions in Level 1 and Level 2 cases.



ISU provides the option for students to have their case heard by an administrative law judge. The APA process is similar to a civil court process, however, the standard for determining responsibility is a preponderance of the evidence. In APA cases, a member of the Office of University Counsel presents the case on behalf of the university. The accused student or respondent can also have legal counsel or representation.




A Student Conduct Hearing Board (SCHB) panel is made up of 5 students, faculty, and staff, with a faculty or staff serving as chair of the board. In an SCHB, the hearing officer will present the case, including evidence and witnesses to the board. The respondent will present their case, evidence, and/or witnesses to the board.




If a student does not wish to go through either board process, they can request an administrative hearing with a hearing officer. These typically result in an agreed resolution – where the student agrees to responsibility for some or all of the violations, and agrees to the sanction/s.